GICHD Annual Report 2021


Launched today, the Annual Report outlines the work carried out by the GICHD in 2021, working towards reducing risk to communities caused by explosive ordnance, with a focus on landmines, cluster munitions and ammunition stockpiles.

Despite travel restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the GICHD continued providing its services to national and international partners in 43 countries and territories, both remotely and in-person, when in-person contact was deemed essential and destinations were accessible.

The report outlines the GICHD's achievements supporting national authorities, international and regional organisations and NGOs in 2021, as the Centre continuously strives for the implementation of conventions, for completion targets to be reached, for the protection for communities from explosive harm, and for housing and infrastructure to be returned to communities.

Read about the highlights of the Centre's work in 2021, as well as main areas of focus, financial statements and the most recent list of our donors here.