Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, Gender Equality & Inclusion Annual Report 2020



Over the last several years, the GICHD has taken continual steps to promote gender equality and inclusion, both internally and in its external work. In its internal structure, the Gender and Mine Action Programme (GMAP) was integrated as a division of the GICHD in March 2019.1 Furthermore, in 2020 the GICHD implemented Phase I of a two-year external Gender and Diversity Audit2 of the Centre, to evaluate the extent to which its internal working systems, processes, and practices contributed to gender equality and inclusion.

Phase I of the Audit was concluded with an internal report presenting recommendations and areas for consideration to further strengthen gender equality and inclusion at the Centre. This information has been pivotal in guiding the revision, updating, and development of several organisational policies and procedures, as well as in selecting the immediate outcomes and activities under the 2021 Gender Equality and Inclusion Action Plan.

In its external engagements, the Centre’s commitment to gender equality and inclusion is first and foremost visible in the 2019–2022 GICHD Strategy, which includes a strategic objective on promoting gender equality and inclusion and the empowerment of women and girls. Moreover, the Centre has committed to a second phase (Phase II) of the Audit in 2021 to evaluate the extent to which the main service lines of the GICHD are aligned with the core values, working principles and commitments articulated in its institutional framework.

Taken together, these milestones and decisions strongly reaffirm the GICHD’s commitment to strengthen gender equality and inclusion in its organisational structure and to promote inclusive, effective, and transformative mine action activities.

This report measures the progress made against the 2020 Action Plan targets of the GICHD, from January to December 2020. It also provides reflections on gender equality and inclusion shared by the Centre’s staff in the 2020 Gender and Diversity Annual Survey. Through documented information, this report represents a monitoring tool to track progress on gender equality and inclusion at the Centre and inform future actions supported by tangible evidence and measurable results.