Gender statistics training curriculum

This training curriculum was developed by UN Women and the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), under the guidance of the Subgroup on Gender Statistics Training, within the Asia-Pacific Network of Statistical Training Institutes. It has been designed to guide trainers on how to conduct related training. The syllabus can also be used by learners who wish to know more about this topic and people who are generally interested in gender statistics.

Who is it for?

  1. Statisticians that wish to understand the specificities around select areas of gender statistics, such as violence against women and time use (for expert statisticians, however, it is recommended to skip through the initial part of the module, as some of the content might already be known)
  2. Policy makers and decision makers in general who are looking to enhance their understanding and use of gender data for evidence-based decision making
  3. Academicians who wish to focus or inform their research through the use of gender data
  4. Civil Society organizations who wish to enhance their use of gender data for advocacy or communication purposes
  5. Media personnel interested in integrating gender data into their media products, and broadcasting a more accurate and comprehensive picture
  6. Anyone who wishes to find out how to use gender data

Please access the training here