Gender Mainstreaming Strategy South Asia, 2018-2021

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 09 Jan 2019 View Original


UNICEF ROSA’s new Gender Mainstreaming Strategy 2018-2021 provides a road map for UNICEF staff across both Regional and Country offices in framing UNICEF’s approaches, objectives, pathways to address gender inequality and issues in South Asia region. The strategy is divided into three sections. Section I provides an overview of UNICEF’s programming on gender equality. It also briefly maps the evolution of UNICEF’s own approach to gender equality, and the lesson learnt thus far. Section II provides an overview of gender equality issues in South Asia, to set the context for the Strategic Objectives for Gender Equality programming in the region, in line with the SP, GAP and ROMP 2018-2021, while Section III lays out the roadmap and the operational strategies required to realize these commitments.