Gender: Different needs, adapted assistance - ECHO Factsheet (2016)

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Key messages

  • Crises are not gender neutral - they have a different impact on women, girls, boys and men. Their respective and specific needs during and in the aftermath of crises need to be addressed accordingly.

  • The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid highlights the importance of integrating gender considerations, incorporating protection strategies against sexual and gender based violence and promoting the active participation of women in humanitarian aid.

  • The European Commission is fully committed to ensuring that its humanitarian assistance takes into account the different vulnerabilities and capacities of women and men of all ages. This is reflected in its commitment to quality programming of aid for the most disadvantaged in emergencies. It is also in compliance with the EU humanitarian mandate and international humanitarian law and commitments.

  • Projects that do not take into account gender considerations are at risk of being off-target, not reaching those that might need aid most. This may lead to providing support in an inadequate manner or even to inadvertently doing harm.