Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility: New website and resources available


The Gender-based Violence (GBV) Area of Responsibility (AoR) is excited to announce the launch of its new website,! This website is dedicated to ensuring that global and field level actors have access to comprehensive information, and the latest tools and resources to support GBV-related coordination and programming in humanitarian settings.

The website consolidates a wide variety of information, tools, and resource materials that may be useful for anyone interested in GBV-related coordination and programming in humanitarian settings. These materials are organized by topic area and are provided to support coordination and programming. Also, a page is dedicated to country-specific coordination mechanisms and is populated with key documents (i.e. SOPs, TORs, Strategy, Advocacy Notes, etc.). This tab aims to promote country-specific field work, facilitate cross-fertilization with other country GBV coordination mechanisms, and inspire other practitioners working on GBV in humanitarian settings through access to information on how other countries are dealing with GBV-specific challenges. Further information is available on how to request technical support including from the GBV AoR’s Rapid Response Team.

To improve transparency and facilitate awareness, the website has specific tabs for the GBV AoR workplan, upcoming trainings, and GBV vacancies. The website will be updated continually to reflect the most up-to-date information. Please share the attached flyer, PowerPoint slide, and actual website link ( throughout your agency and with other networks.