G7 Call for International Cooperation to Protect Children’s Right to Education in Emergencies and Crises


COVID-19, climate-induced disasters, the Afghanistan crisis, the Ukraine conflict, and other forgotten crises – threats against global stability and security are at extraordinary highs and projected to worsen.

Communities, families, and children are suffering at unprecedented levels, with basic securities being stripped from them, often in the blink of an eye. Essential services like education, health, and child protection are deteriorating, or sometimes abruptly disappearing, only further exacerbating related refugee crises and challenging recovery efforts.

G7 members must urgently invest in better futures and SDG 4 by increasing international cooperation to protect the right to education of all children and learners from being disrupted by crisis and establish safe, inclusive, gender-responsive, quality education and lifelong learning systems that are resilient to emergencies and crises like COVID-19, climate change, and conflict.