G is for Gendered: taking the mystery out of gendering peace agreements

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“G is for Gendered” is a short article for the HD Centre’s “Women at the Peace Table” Asia Pacific project. It takes the question of the lack of gendered peace agreement language (especially in Asian peace processes) and, proposes some basic steps that the crafters of agreements could take to address this issue. The arguments for why this is important are touched on, but not deeply explored, as the intention of this opinion piece series is to float ideas which need to be further fleshed out in research or practice; to provide tasters and incentives for the peacemaking community, rather than comprehensive academic analyses and sets of recommendations. Thus the article assumes basic background knowledge about the difference between sex and gender, the content of the women, peace and security related UN Security Council Resolutions (see endnote 6), and the status of the general policy discourse around Track One, and to some extent Track Two, peacemaking.