Fresh impetus for the protection of women's rights

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Winter session: 23-27 January 2012

The Assembly today called for renewed impetus to be given to the promotion, protection and effective implementation of women's rights worldwide, and for periodic evaluation of those rights.

The report prepared by Lydie Err (Luxembourg, SOC) points out that, all over the world, violence disproportionately affects women: one women in three has, at some point in her life, been beaten, coerced into sex, or abused in some other way. One woman in three can neither read nor write in a world where literacy is an essential key to empowerment. Only 19% of the members of the world's parliaments are female.

The resolution adopted urges political decision-makers to take account of the gender dimension in all policies and legislation and of gender budgeting methods. It expresses concern about a possible worsening of inequalities as a result of the differing impact of the economic and financial crisis on women and men, and it calls for appropriate remedial measures.

Governments should ensure balanced representation of women in political decision-making bodies and should consider bringing the principle of equality into the European Convention on Human Rights system, through the drafting of a new protocol.

The resolution calls on the Council of Europe member States to ensure that comprehensive reproductive health programmes receive adequate funding, and to lift limitations on access to reproductive health services both domestically and within development cooperation, within the framework of the law.

Advancing women’s rights worldwide - Resolution 1860 (2012)
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