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FPMA Bulletin #7, 10 September 2020

Situation Report
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↗ International prices of cereals were generally firm in August. Wheat prices increased in response to low production prospects in Europe and stronger buying interest. International prices of rice also increased, underpinned by seasonally tight export availabilities and increasing African demand. Maize price quotations were mixed, with the benchmark US maize values down from the previous month but those from South America went up.

↗ In East Africa, prices of coarse grains generally declined in August, with some exceptions, the most notable being the Sudan, where prices continued to increase steeply with seasonal patterns compounded by a further depreciation of the country’s currency on the parallel market. Price increases were also registered in Somalia, due to unfavourable production prospects and flood‑related trade disruptions.

↗ In Central America, prices of beans declined sharply in August, down from the peaks reached in the previous months, mainly reflecting the beginning of the 2020 first season harvests, which are expected at a good level. Declines were also registered in white maize prices, which were overall lower than a year earlier on account of good domestic availabilities.