Forced Migration Review No. 33 - Protracted Displacement

from Forced Migration Review, University of Oxford
Published on 01 Sep 2009
Increasingly, growing numbers of displaced people remain displaced for years, even decades. This latest issue of FMR includes 29 articles by academic, international and local actors which assess the impact of such situations on people's lives and our societies and explore the 'solutions' - political, humanitarian and personal.

The issue also includes a spotlight on the 'internment camps' in Sri Lanka and a mini-feature on collective centres, plus a selection of articles on other aspects of forced migration such as rights and responsibilities in Darfur, smuggling in South Africa, IDP health needs in Colombia, climate change agreement talks, peace mediation, and community resilience in East Timor.


- Sri Lanka: a question of rights
- Protecting housing rights for IDPs in Sri Lanka, by Todd Wassel
- Understanding the challenge, by Gil Loescher and James Milner
- Doubly forgotten, by Thais Bessa
- Riding on the back of a tortoise, by Abebe Feyissa Demo
- Listening to the experiences of the long-term displaced, by Dayna Brown and Kathryn Mansfield
- Crisis and displacement in Somalia, by Anna Lindley
- Addressing core problems, by Hassan Noor
- Repatriation to Afghanistan: durable solution or responsibility shifting?, by Susanne Schmeidl
- Unfinished business: IDPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Erin Mooney and Naveed Hussain
- Europe's IDPs still marginalised, by Nadine Walicki
- Darfur: a way of life lost, by Natalie Ondiak and Omer Ismail
- Comprehensive solutions: a 'whole-of-government' approach, by Adèle Dion
- Daring to dream of an end to exile in sub-Saharan Africa, by Marjon Kamara and Alistair Boulton
- Durable solutions for Burundian refugees in Tanzania, by Jessie Thomson
- Burundi: seven years of refugee return, by Andreas Kirchhof
- Refugees: asset or burden? , by Patricia A Ongpin
- Refugee resources: Sri Lankan Tamils in India, by Indira P Ravindran
- Displacement shock and recovery in Cyprus, by Peter Loizos
- Local integration for refugees in Serbia, by Miloš Teržan and Dejan Kladarin
- Displacement, decentralisation and reparation in post-conflict Peru, by Gavin David White
- Peacebuilding in displacement, by Tammi Sharpe and Silvio Cordova
- Importance of access to financial services, by Sue Azaiez
- Hope and opportunities for young people, by Jenny Perlman Robinson and Shogufa Alpar
- Sudanese refugee youth 'gangs' in Cairo, by Themba Lewis
- Activism among a new generation of Palestinian exiles, by Maher Bitar
- Use of housing vouchers in Georgia, by Andrew Golda
- Confidence-building measures in Western Sahara, by Edward Benson
- Refugees and mobility, by Giulia Scalettaris
- A regime at a loss? , by Jean-François Durieux
- A missing element of 'camp management', by Damian Lilly
- When 'temporary' lasts too long, by Erin Mooney
- Rights and responsibilities in Darfur, by Katherine Reyes
- South Africa's smugglers' borderland, by Tesfalem Araia and Tamlyn Monson
- RAISE Initiative IDPs in Colombia: needs and challenges, by Andrés Quintero L and Tegan A Culler
- Norwegian Refugee Council Towards a humanitarian climate change agreement, by Vikram Kolmannskog
- Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Protracted Muslim displacement in Sri Lanka, by Kavita Shukla
- Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement Internal displacement and peace mediation , by Andrew Solomon
- Community resilience in rural East Timor, by Pyone Myat Thu