Food Security Early Warning System - Agromet Update, Issue 3: 2015/2016 Agricultural Season

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 10 Dec 2015 View Original


  • Rains are still well below normal in the southern half of the region, with deficits strengthening in some areas in recent weeks.

  • Onset of rains is delayed by at least 30-40 days in parts of Angola and South Africa

  • Moderate relief is expected in some of these drought-affected areas, according to short term rainfall forecasts

  • Vegetation conditions in many areas are among the worst in 15 years. These conditions have some negative implications for pastures, livestock and hydrology

  • Very high temperatures have continued in the southern half of the region, with respite unlikely in the near future, according to temperature forecasts

  • High rainfall continues to be received in Tanzania, DRC and northern Angola