Flexible Funding 2021: Report on Multilateral and Immediate Response Account Funding



In 2021, a toxic cocktail of conflict, climate change, the economic ripple effects of COVID-19 and soaring global inflation combined to set millions more people marching toward starvation: 283 million by the end of the year. Of this number, over 40 million children, women and men were knocking on the door of famine.

WFP’s donors responded with record levels of funding last year, and I thank each and every one of our partners who helped us deliver life-saving assistance to the people in greatest need.

The tremendous support we received allowed WFP to rise to the challenge and reach over 128 million people last year.

But the gap between the rising number of hungry people and the funding available to feed them keeps widening, so we must find new ways of maximizing the resources we receive.

Flexible and predictable funding is a critical tool, giving WFP the agility to prioritize strategically, respond quickly and ensure operational continuity in neglected crises. Last year it played an essential role in some of our most urgent operations.

In Afghanistan, it enabled WFP to respond to skyrocketing needs by undertaking the largest scale-up in our 60-year history: within weeks we had tripled the number of people we reached to 15 million. While in Madagascar, where years of back-to-back droughts have plunged some communities into famine-like conditions, flexible resources allowed WFP, the Government and other partners to run programmes designed to tackle the root causes of the hunger crisis.

Unfortunately, demand for our services is still growing in 2022 and flexible funding has therefore never been more essential to our work. WFP has the global capacity and in-depth expertise to support the world’s hungry people but we need flexible and predictable funding to be able to get the job done.

Donors of flexible funds are true advocates of change, and I ask all our friends and partners in the donor community to maximize the level of flexibility and predictability in the funds you generously provide.

With your support we can ensure that, together, we continue to save lives and change lives in this time of unprecedented global need.

David M. Beasley
WFP Executive Director