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The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) Pocket Guide serves disaster workers in the field. It is a compact hands-on reference on how to conduct rapid field assessments, aimed at UNDAC teams, USAR teams, local authorities, disaster management agencies, and environmental specialists already familiar with the concept and use of FEAT. The Pocket Guide uses the same method, information and science as other FEAT tools, adding focus and ease of use by providing predefined estimates of most likely and priority hazards. The Pocket Guide focuses on most likely scenarios, leaving out all other possible impacts and situations.

It is most useful in the first few days of a disaster. By identifying priority responses, the FEAT Pocket Guide can help to support initial emergency actions and should be seen as the entry point for more comprehensive expert assessments. The FEAT process can also be used in preparedness and community awareness efforts.

The FEAT Pocket Guide explains the FEAT concept followed by a description of the on-site FEAT assessment process using FEAT. Each assessment step and lookup action is complemented by practical hands-on guidance. The lookup tables needed to perform and report a FEAT assessment are found in the annexes in section 5.

For a complete overview of FEAT, see the FEAT 2.0 Reference Guide. The Reference Guide provides the technical details of FEAT, contains detailed information on applying FEAT for emergency preparedness and response, explains how to use the FEAT KoBo data collection tool, and provides a FEAT Q&A section.

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