First aid / To serve and protect: Guide for police conduct and behaviour [EN/PT/RU]


This pocket-sized booklet adopts a simple pictorial format and aims to raise awareness as to the duties, responsibilities and powers of police and security officials in their daily law-enforcement practices.

The booklet has been designed so that it can be carried along and consulted on the spot whenever police and security officials wish to verify whether their actions are compliant with international human rights standards.

The practical guidance in the first-aid section is intended to help law-enforcement officials act in a safe, humane and effective manner to alleviate suffering and save lives. The distribution of this publication should be seen, however, as part of an overall programme for law-enforcement officials that includes first-aid training. If such a programme does not exist, we recommend only distributing the basic booklet, To Serve and to Protect: Guide for Police Conduct and Behaviour.