Finland grants almost 15 million euros in humanitarian assistance for crises with the greatest need

from Government of Finland
Published on 25 Oct 2013 View Original

By decision of Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has granted 14.9 million euros in humanitarian assistance for people suffering from the world’s crises. The support is granted to Finnish actors, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and UN agencies.

Finland strives to help those in need where the distress is the greatest. A total of nearly 2.9 million euros in assistance is granted for victims of the Syrian crisis within the country and in neighbouring countries of Syria. The decision brings the humanitarian assistance Finland has granted for the Syrian crisis this year to 11.4 million euros. Assistance is also given to so-called forgotten crises such as Yemen and Myanmar’s Kachin State. Close to 7.5 million euros is granted to help those suffering from humanitarian crises in Africa.

The decision brings the humanitarian assistance granted by Finland this year to 87.3 million euros. Over a quarter of the support granted is general support for humanitarian actors so that they can quickly focus their activities as necessitated by humanitarian needs.

Additional information: Anna Gebremedhin, Head of the Unit for Humanitarian Assistance, mobile tel. +358 40 583 0149