Finance local peacebuilding? Why and how


A paper submitted by Peace Direct to DPPA/PBSO for the High-Level Meeting on Financing for Peacebuilding during the 76th session of the General Assembly.


Peacebuilders working on local level peace initiatives make striking, sustainable contributions both to reducing violence in the short term and to strengthening the capacity of their societies to minimize and manage conflicts in the longer term. Peace Direct’s (PD) nearly 20 years of experience demonstrates that relatively small, strategic financing that is delivered directly to local actors has an impact and effectiveness beyond its size and well beyond what is recognized by international actors.

This paper details the methodology developed by PD’s Local Action Fund as a model of effective, participatory small grantmaking built on inclusive participation, respectful partnerships, and holistic support. It recommends adoption of such a model by other donor mechanisms because of its value for money sustainability and effectiveness which is grounded in local needs and realities. Local stakeholders that work to build peace bring deep understanding and connectedness that have traction with their local communities. They use relatively low-cost, technically appropriate approaches and employ techniques based on local knowledge that are trusted and accepted by their communities. This combination of trusted, credible actors using homegrown methods is critical for engendering social cohesion and ensuring sustainable peace.