Farmers need to prepare themselves should disaster strikes

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By Online Editor 6:29 pm GMT+12, 17/05/2014, Ethiopia

Reports by PACNEWS Journalist, Pita Ligaiula in Addis Ababa

Pacific Island Countries have encouraged to plant crops that are resilient to impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

Women in Business Development Executive Director, Adi Maimalaga Tafuna'I says farmers should ensure there is food to eat if disaster strikes.

“What we are trying to do is make sure our farmers have enough food to eat and enough surplus they can sell.

“Where we live there aren’t any markets because everybody grows the same crops, and the populations are smaller in the villages. Food security is important for us in the region,” said Tafuna’i.

She said the Pacific participation at the International Conference on Building Resilience on Nutrition and Food Security in Ethiopia this week raised the profile of the region, although more could be done.

Tafunai supported the idea of exchanges between the Caribbean and the Pacific on food security because they face similar problems.