Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Pilot Guide

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As humanitarian evaluation practice becomes ever more vital in an increasingly diverse and complex system, this guide offers urgently needed support for evaluation specialists and non-specialists alike. Evaluation practice has evolved considerably, and much technical guidance already exists. Uniquely, however, this ALNAP pilot guide consolidates much of the current knowledge about every stage of a humanitarian evaluation: from initial decision to final dissemination.

The guide format is a user-friendly and accessible interactive PDF. It contains real-life examples, practical tips, definitions and step-by-step advice on specific elements of evaluations at different stages of the process.

We want to ensure that the guide is as practical as possible for both evaluation specialists and the general reader and we are committed to testing it thoroughly. As always, we will harness the potential in the ALNAP network by inviting ALNAP Member agencies to help us pilot the Guide in their evaluative work. In this way, we know we can improve the quality, relevance and utility of the guide and ultimately help bring about better outcomes for people affected by crises.

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