European Union announces enhanced commitment to end the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines

Geneva 1 March 2013 – The European Union has announced that it is investing €1.03 million in an effort to assist States in overcoming pressing challenges in the pursuit of the aims of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention. Through a European Union Council Decision adopted in November 2012 and launched on the fourteenth anniversary of the entry-into-force of the Convention, the EU aims to advance implementation of the Convention’s mine clearance and victim assistance obligations, and promote universal acceptance of the Convention.

  • Support will be provided to five States Parties to carry out a comprehensive mid-term appraisal of their mine clearance implementation and to receive technical advice.

  • National technical support will be provided to three States Parties to advance the integration of landmine victim assistance efforts into broader disability contexts.

  • High-level visits to States not party to the Convention will be carried out by prominent figures who are deeply committed to the anti-landmines cause: Prince Mired Raad Al Hussein of Jordan will continue its prominent role as Special Envoy of the Convention. In addition, multi-Grammy award winning artist Juanes will join the high-level push to ban anti-personnel mines.

“The European Union Council Decision in support of the implementation of the Cartagena Action Plan in the framework of the European Security Strategy, is a practical way to demonstrate the leading role of the European Union in pursuing the Convention's vision of a conclusive end to the suffering and the casualties caused by anti-personnel mines,” said Andras Kos, Head of Disarmament of the European Union delegation to the UN in Geneva.

“The Decision also demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the European Union and its Member States to the Convention and our resolve to cooperate with and extend assistance to those States that need support in meeting their commitments,” said Andras Kos.

The Convention’s Implementation Support Union (ISU) will implement the Council Decision. “The Council Decision is a great opportunity for the Convention and for individual States Parties in that the EU is investing in ensuring that commitments made at the 2009 Cartagena Summit become realities before the Convention’s 2014 Third Review Conference,” said ISU Director Kerry Brinkert.

With Poland’s ratification of the Convention in December, all 27 European Union Member States are now parties to the Convention. “The European Union is united in its determination and commitment to achieving a world free of the threat of anti-personnel mines,” said Andras Kos.

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