Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, November 2018

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Published on 30 Nov 2018 View Original

Threats and incidents of violence against educational facilities, teachers and students


Burkina Faso

12 November 2018: In Toulfé village, Loroum province, four armed men on motorcycles stormed into the General Education College, where they threatened and lashed teachers before ordering them to leave the school premises. This incident created panic within the facility and beyond, forcing surrounding primary schools to shut down. Source: Aouaga

20 November 2018: In Boulmantiangou village, Kantchari department, unidentified militants set fire to a primary school.
Source: ACLED


05 November 2018: In Bamenda city, Mezam department,
Northwest region, unidentified armed militants alleged to be Ambazonian separatists abducted 78 or 79 1 pupils, a driver, a teacher and the principal of the Presbyterian Secondary School. On 07 November 2018, the pupils and their driver were released under unknown circumstances, but the other two staffers remained held captive. The separatists released statements denying their involvement, claiming the government orchestrated the kidnapping to discredit them. Sources: ACLED, BBC (a), BBC (b), BBC (c),
Cameroon Daily Journal, Cameroon-Info (a), Cameroon-Info (b),
Cameroon-Info (c), Journal du Cameroun, Xinhua

10 November 2018: In Buea city, Fako division, Southwest region, unidentified perpetrators abducted a staff member of the Research and Cooperation Office of the University of Buea. The reason for the kidnapping remains unknown, as both separatists and government continue to blame each other for instances of violence across the country. Source: Xinhua

13 November 2018: In Buea city, Fako division, Southwest region, three unidentified gunmen stormed the Government Bilingual High School Muea, where they assaulted students, a teacher and the vice-principal, and burned their books before abducting a teacher who attempted to raise the alarm.
On 22 November 2018, the teacher was released under unspecified circumstances. Sources: Channel Africa and Journal du Camroun

16 November 2018: In Buea city, Fako division, Southwest region, unidentified perpetrators abducted a senior official of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Buea for unascertained reasons.
Source: Xinhua

18 November 2018 (DOA): In Northwest and Southwest regions, armed separatists ordered the closure of schools, and allegedly set fire to more than 100 of them for refusing to comply. Source: Xinhua 20 November 2018: In the outskirts of Kumba city, Southwest region, approximately 10 armed men entered the Lords Bilingual Secondary School to abduct both the principal and an unclear number of students. By 21 November 2018, nine students and the principal were released following intervention by the Cameroonian Armed Forces. Sources: Cameroon Daily Journal, Cameroon-Info and VOA

20 November 2018 (DOA): In Kumba city, Southwest region, unspecified perpetrators kidnapped two principals of the Global Bilingual School under unspecified circumstances, and later released them.
Source: Cameroon Daily Journal

21 November 2018: In Belo town and commune, Boyo division, Northwest region, unidentified perpetrators shot and killed the deputy director and teacher of the Belo Bilingual High School outside of his home. The motivation for the attack is unknown but likely to be related to the ongoing conflict.
Source: Journal du Cameroun

27 November 2018: In Bamenda city, Mezam department, Northwest region, unidentified perpetrators kidnapped an unspecified number of students and staff of the University of Bamenda while they were on their way to the facility. Source: Journal du Cameroun

Democratic Republic of the Congo

12 - 15 November 2018: In Kinshasa city and province, students at the University of Kinshasa were met with live gunfire by the police after protesting the disruption to their education caused by a lecturers’ strike that had halted classes for over a month. A graduate student shot by the police died from his wounds three days later, on 15 November, leading to an additional protest that day which resulted in another student being shot and killed by the police and seven others injured. Source:
Amnesty International

Côte d’Ivoire

14 November 2018: In Man city and department, Tonkpi region, Montagnes district, a student assaulted a French teacher at the Modern High School after demanding the teacher let his friend out of class. The incident sparked members of the National Union of Secondary School Teachers of Côte d’Ivoire to launch a two-week strike in protest of what they claimed was an unsatisfying police response to the student. Source: Abidjan


31 October 2018 (DOA): In Banamba cercle, Koulikoro region, and Ségou cercle and region, jihadists forced the closure of at least 30 schools and demanded they all be transformed into Koranic centres.
Source: aBamako