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Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, March 2021


Safety, security and access incidents affecting the provision of education

Insecurity Insight publishes data on incidents where teachers were killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA) and incidents where schools were damaged or destroyed by a perpetrator including state and non-state actors, criminals, individuals, students and other staff members. Access the data via our website or on HDX.

Past editions: February 2021; January 2021

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The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) provided technical guidance on definitions of attacks on education. More on definitions used by Insecurity Insight and by GCPEA. * = GCPEA incident.

Safety, security and access incidents
Incidents of threats and violence affecting the provision of education.

Burkina Faso
14 March 2021: In Zoura village, Kongoussi department, Bam province, the treasurer of the Collège d’enseignement général (CEG) High School was kidnapped from his residence by armed men. Source: Infowakat

Democratic Republic of the Congo
26 March 2021: In Batayo and Kusisa village, Ziralo grouping, South Kivu province, the body of a teacher who had been previously kidnapped was found. Source: La Prunelle

02 March 2021: At Shallete village, Wajira county, a student from Wajir Bor secondary school was abducted by suspected Al Shabaab militants. Source: ACLED

15 March 2021: At Dan Mani village, Guidan Roumdji department, Maradi region, a teacher and another two people were kidnapped by gunmen coming from Nigeria. Source: ACLED

24 March 2021: At Zibane and Gadabo villages, Tillaberi region, a school was set on fire and a health centre looted when jihadist militants attacked the villages. At least 10 civilians were killed and livestock was stolen. Sources: AFP News, Gulf News, L'événement Niger and TRT World

01/02 March 2021: In Kafe-Life Camp area, Abuja, seven armed men attacked a private school and stole laptops, money and other valuables. Police subsequently rounded them up during a routine patrol. Source: Sahara Reporters

02 March 2021: In Tsohon Clinic village, Safana LGA, Katsina state, an armed group kidnapped three students of the Community Secondary Day School, Runka town, while they were on their way home. Sources: Council on Foreign Relations, HumAngle and Vanguard.

10 March 2021: In Uromi city, Esan Northeast LGA, Edo state, five gunmen kidnapped two female students and a female lecturer from the National Institute of Construction Technology. The victims were found and rescued by security operatives in a forest on March 14. Sources: Eons Intelligence I, Eons Intelligence II and Sahara Reporters

11 March 2021: In Afaka locality, Mando Igabi LGA, Kaduna state, around 80 gunmen broke into the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation at night time through its perimeter fence and abducted more than 211 students and eight members of staff. In the early hours of March 12, all staffers and 172 students, 130 of whom were male and 42 female, were either rescued by security forces or returned by themselves from the bushes where they had gone into hiding, according to conflicting reports. For the release of the remaining 39 students - 16 males and 23 females, including a pregnant woman - the perpetrators have asked for a ransom of NGN500 million. A video widely shared on Facebook showed scenes of the perpetrators in military camouflage holding some of those kidnapped at gunpoint and beating them with whips. Sources: ABC, Al Jazeera I), Al Jazeera II, BBC I, BBC II, CNN, Daily Trust, Eons Intelligence I, Eons Intelligence II, Eons Intelligence III, Reuters, Sahara Reporters I, Sahara Reporters II, Sahara Reporters III and VOA

14 March 2021: In Ikara town and LGA, Kaduna state, gunmen invaded the Government Science Secondary School, but their plot to abduct 307 students and staff was foiled as security forces engaged the perpetrators in a firefight. Sources: Daily Trust, Eons Intelligence and Sahara Reporters

14 March 2021: In Olowu area, Ayetoro town, Yewa North LGA, Ogun state, gunmen stormed the Igbole Aibo Quarter area, fired their weapons sporadically and abducted two female students of the Ayetoro Campus, Olabisi Onabanjo University, as they were returning to their hall of residence. The perpetrators demanded a ransom of NGN50 million. The students were released unharmed two days later. It is unclear, however, if a ransom was paid. Sources: Eons Intelligence, Premium Times Nigeria, The Guardian and Vanguard

15 March 2021: In Rama village, Birnin Gwari LGA, Kaduna state, bandits on about 12 motorcycles abducted three teachers from the Universal Basic Education Primary School. Several articles reported that three pupils were also kidnapped, however, the provincial government later stated that no pupils were abducted, and that two pupils initially declared missing after the attack were found. Sources: ABC, Al Jazeera I, Al Jazeera II, BBC, Daily Trust, Eons Intelligence, Premium Times, Sahara Reporters and VOA

As reported on 16 March 2021: In Katarko community, Gujba LGA, Yobe state, suspected Boko Haram members burned down a primary school and health care centre as part of a wider assault in the area. Source: Sahara Reporters

17 March 2021: In Karji, Chikun LGA, Kaduna, state, two female students of Kaduna State University were abducted along with another civilian during a communal militia attack at Ungwa Waziri. A policeman on duty was killed. Source: ACLED

21 March 2021: In Tor Donga, Katsina-Ala LGA, Benue state, an Associate Professor of Nasarawa State University and his wife were attacked and killed by gunmen. Source: ACLED

20 March 2021: In Masajja Kibila B zone, Ssabagabo-Makindye Municipality, Wakiso district, a primary teacher was shot dead and two other residents injured by Local Defence Unit (LDU) forces when enforcing a curfew. Source: Daily Monitor Uganda

Around 13 March 2021: In Khogyani district, Nangarhar province, nine students and a teacher were killed in a night raid by the Afghan military forces on an Islamic institute and civilian houses. Source: ACLED

16 March 2021: In the outskirts of Puli Khumri city and district, Baghlan province, a rocket struck a Baghlan University bus carrying about 25 lecturers and students, killing the driver and a student and injuring six others. The Interior Ministry blamed the Taliban for the attack, but the militant group denied any involvement. Sources: RFE RL and Transcontinental Times

06-07 March 2021: In various locations, troops invaded and occupied university campuses as part of their clampdown against nationwide protests over the 01 February coup d’état. Sources: CNN and Independent

07 March 2021: In Kyauktada township, Yangon state, soldiers and riot police assaulted a medical student wearing a lab coat, before dragging him away. Source: Twitter

As reported on 08 March 2021: In Mandalay city and region, large protests erupted as troops attempted to invade a university, prompting the latter to fire teargas and rubber bullets, leaving several people injured. Two teachers were also beaten. Source: Independent

08 March 2021: In Shwepyithar Township, Yangon-north District, Yangon region, a school was raided, its founder arrested and students beaten by the Myanmar military. Source: ACLED

09 March 2021: In Shwepyithar township, Yangon-north District, Yangon region, the NLD official and vocational school founder who was arrested by police officers during a raid in Shwepyithar township on 8 March, was reportedly tortured and killed by police officers while held in police custody. His wife, who was called to identify his body at Mingalardon military hospital, stated that he appeared to have a bullet hole in his abdomen, although the military claimed that he was injured while trying to escape arrest. Authorities did not allow his wife to retrieve his body. Source: ACLED

09 March 2021: In Lahore city, Punjab province, Punjab University campus was attacked by gunmen. The perpetrators fled on motorcycles as the police arrived. No damages and casualties reported. Sources: ACLED and Daily Pakistan

Middle East and North Africa
Syrian Arab Republic
05 March 2021: In al Yarmouk and Mazra’et Maysaloun villages, Raqqa governorate, teachers at the Mazra’et Maysaloun Primary School and al Yarmouk Primary and Secondary School went on strike in protest over the forced conscription campaigns of teachers carried out by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the two villages. Source: SNHR

On 6 March 2021: In Al Tabqa town, Raqqa countryside, five teachers were arrested by the SDF during a security campaign after allegations teachers were instigating demonstrations against the SDF's conscription campaigns in Raqqa. Source: ACLED

Around 20 March 2021: In Mare', Azaz district, Aleppo governorate, the body of a school janitor was found at his residence with gunshot wounds to the head. Source: ACLED

14 March 2021: In Al Zanfil village, Aleppo governorate, alleged Turkish forces or pro-Turkey militants reportedly targeted the local school while shelling the local village. Source: Airwars

21 March 2021: In Ariha city, Idlib governorate, Syrian government forces shelled Jeel al Ghad School, also known as al Imam Malek School, damaging the school’s structure. Source: SNHR

07 March 2021: In Taiz city and governorate, an artillery shell attack of unidentified origin wounded seven children, as they left school in the afternoon. Source: Save the Children

10 March 2021: In Hamdan district, Sanaa governorate, a school was hit by airstrikes. Source: CIMP

10 March 2021: In Al Tuwayr village, Maqbanah district, Taiz governorate, Al Anwar school was destroyed by explosives. Source: CIMP

14 March 2021: In Al Kadahah area, Al Maafer district, Taiz governorate, three children were killed and another one injured as they were in the vicinity of Tariq bin Ziyad School when it was hit by missiles. The school was reportedly used as a military barracks. Source: CIMP

21 March 2021: In Al Ardi area, Salh district, Taiz governorate, artillery shells hit the gate of the faculty of arts, killing one civilian and injuring five others. Source: CIMP

The Americas
10 March 2021: In Outeiro district, Belem city, Para state, a security guard at Professor Pedro Demo school was murdered inside of the school premises. Source: O Liberal

Around 15 March 2021: In Campina neighborhood, Icoaraci district, Belem city, Para state, a security guard at Serra Freire State School was murdered inside the school premises. His body was found in the morning in a bathroom with his hands and feet tied up and gagged. It is the second murder of a school guard in one week in the city. Source: O Liberal

05 March 2021: In Colonia Benito Juarez, in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl municipality, Mexico state, a female director of the 'Forjadores de la Patria' high school was shot dead outside her residence by a man and his accomplice. Source: ACLED