East and Southern Africa Regional Cash Working Group Leads and Co-Leads Workshop Report 23rd - 24th March 2021


The CALP Network East and Southern Africa Office closely engages with and supports Cash Working Groups in the region (there are 13 active CWG from 12 countries). Cash Working Group Leads and Co-Leads from different countries in East and Southern Africa came together to exchange learning, share experiences and discuss global and regional trends in cash and voucher assistance. The topics covered were; Minimum Expenditure Baskets(MEBs) and Transfer values – What works? Linking Humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance to Government Social Transfers; Digitization of CVA and Data Protection and Multi-Purpose Cash Outcome Indicators.

The workshop was participatory with facilitators coming in to guide discussions on various themes. Participants engaged in-group discussions to share successes and challenges in CVA Coordination and discuss the topics covered. This virtual event took place on 23rd & 24th of March from 10.00 am – 13.00 pm Nairobi / 11.00 am – 14.00pm Johannesburg