DRC warmly welcomes UN member States’ support to the Global Compact on Refugees

News and Press Release
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Christian Friis Bach, Secretary General of DRC is pleased: “The Global Compact on Refugees is a proof of reason. Over the past two years, UN member states, UN agencies, civil society organizations, experts and private sector actors have developed a better, up-to-date approach to handle refugee situations in future. While the GCR is not perfect, it is a leap forward and a major achievement. With the GCR, the world will agree to improve refugees’ lives where they are: enabling them to become self-reliant, have access to education, health, justice and lead a normal, peaceful life while in exile, while at the same time compensating host communities adequately. We greatly need this Compact to restore hope for the millions of refugees who live on the margins of societies. And we need it to help hosting communities cope and potentially benefit from hosting refugees.

While DRC regrets that the US, as the only State among 193, was not willing to affirm the GCR, Christian Friis Bach takes positive note of the US support for the GCR’s objectives: “yesterday all UN member states expressed support of the GCR’s objectives to ease pressures on hosting communities, to increase refugee self-reliance, to expand third country solutions, and to promote conditions in countries of origin - and that is what matters”.

He continues: “the vote manifests an overwhelming support to collective action for refugees among UN member states. That is crucial. There is no viable alternatives to joint solutions. No single country or community must shoulder the responsibility for hosting refugees without predictable support from the international community. Without such solidarity, hosting communities risk collapse and impoverishment, and refugees are left unprotected and in despair – many forced to seek alternative solutions for themselves and their families. Solidarity is what the GCR is all about – and it is in the best interest not only of refugees, hosting communities but also of all States” says Christian Friis Bach and concludes: “I am very pleased that we are now very close to have a Global Compact on Refugees. DRC is ready and look forward to contribute towards its implementation”

The Danish Refugee Council assists refugees and internally displaced persons across the globe: we provide emergency aid, fight for their rights, and strengthen their opportunity for a brighter future. We work in conflict-affected areas, along the displacement routes, and in the countries where refugees settle. In cooperation with local communities, we strive for responsible and sustainable solutions. We work toward successful integration and – whenever possible – for the fulfillment of the wish to return home.

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