Dorcas: Annual Report 2014

from Dorcas Aid International
Published on 31 Dec 2014 View Original


Dorcas takes action to help people in need and deep poverty irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, gender or political convictions. Inspired by Matthew 25:31-46 to care for the poor and oppressed, Dorcas has been working for 35 years to provide relief and development projects in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For this it can count on the enthusiasm of thousands of volunteers, entrepreneurs and donors in the Netherlands.

Dorcas works together with local churches and partner organisations and supports three forms of relief and development:

Sustainable development

Dorcas helps people to improve their living conditions in a sustainable manner with long-term projects in the area of work and income, agriculture, child development, water, and hygiene and health.

Social care

Dorcas cares for people who are vulnerable and have no one to fall back on. Elderly people, children, the chronically ill, prisoners, people with a disability – Dorcas visits them, coaches them and where necessary provides them with food, heating, clothing and medical facilities.

Disaster management

Worldwide Dorcas supports people who live in risk areas or who have been affected by a disaster. In the case of an imminent emergency situation Dorcas provides help in the form of preventative measures and preparations.
If a disaster takes place, Dorcas provides emergency relief and supports rehabilitation efforts.

Results achieved in 2014

• Dorcas reached 356.832 people. 149,800 people gained permanent improvements in their living conditions thanks to development programmes (Health, WASH, Sustainable livelihoofdsand Child development). Dorcas could offer general material support to 48,952 people. Further Dorcas offered structural material and social support to 47,825 people. Dorcas could support 110,255 people living in emergency situations.

• Three Dorcas shops were opened in Elburg, Genemuiden and Rijssen in 2014. With these Dorcas now has 25 shops that are run by about 1500 volunteers each week. The net profit from all shops has risen from 1,829,349 to 2,236,086 euros.

• Thousands of people from Iraq and Syria had to flee due to the violence of IS. Dorcas came to their aid and set up relief programmes or expanded existing programmes. Via its relief programmes, Dorcas could support a total of 78,525 people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, for example, with accomodation, medical care, food and clothing.

• The strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs started in 2014 for areas in a chronic crisis situation in the Horn of Africa. In this partnership it has been established that Dorcas will receive 3.75 million euros for three years to work on the underlying causes of conflicts in the Horn of Africa.

• Also in 2014, Dorcas worked as much as possible in collaboration with all stakeholders in the design and realisation of projects. For example, local governments were encouraged more to make their own contribution and beneficiaries were encouraged to assume more responsibility for their own development process. Projects were more deliberately developed with an integrated approach to increase their impact and sustainability. In various sectors different factors such as a lack of water and sanitary facilities, discrimination of certain groups, healthcare problems, et cetera were tackled in an integrated manner.

• There was a considerable growth in the number of periodical gifts. At the start of 2014 this was 23 and the end of the year this was 165. Dorcas actively campaigned for this and is therefore pleased with the result. Dorcas has decided to hold four large campaigns a year to generate interest for its work and to specifically raise funds.