Disaster Risk Management Programs for Priority Countries - 2011

from UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, World Bank, GFDRR
Published on 30 Apr 2011 View Original

This is the 2nd edition of the Disaster Risk Management Program for Priority Countries, originally published by GFDRR in 2009. It now includes the country programs missing in the first edition (Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mali, Senegal, and Philippines 1) as well as an update of the DRM Country Program for Haiti (to take into account the impact of the January 2010 earthquake), Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica.

As indicated in the previous edition, the presented programs are indicative; as the detailed planning and implementation phases have started, further dialogue with the Governments and other partners has refined the agendas and prioritized interventions.

13 country programs have already received an initial allocation totaling $22.86M, representing 25.25% of the total $90.522M planned for these country programs. Ethiopia ($1.75M), Malawi ($1M), Mali ($1.4M), Mozambique ($1.46M), Nepal ($1.8M), Senegal ($1.4M), Solomon Islands ($2M), Togo ($1.75M), Indonesia ($2M), Vietnam ($2M), Djibouti ($1M), Haiti ($4.8M) and Panama ($500k).