Disaster Recovery Guidance Series - Disability-inclusive disaster recovery

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This guidance note provides action-oriented direction for government officials and decision-makers with responsibility for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. The guidance will enable the development of disability-inclusive planning and programming across sectors and government. The note is expected to be of interest to wider government and non-government actors, including disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs), concerned with inclusive recovery. The note recommends the following (p. 21):

  • Apply a twin-track approach that invests in disability inclusion in mainstream recovery programming and disability-specific interventions;
  • Focus disability-inclusive recovery and reconstruction around the removal of barriers to benefit as wide a range of persons with disabilities as possible. At the same time, do not overlook specific individual needs and the importance of reasonable accommodation;
  • Persons with disabilities are best placed to evaluate whether recovery processes are inclusive or not;
  • Do not lose sight of the overall aim of disability-inclusive recovery. That is, to enable equality of opportunities and to build resilience for all.