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Development Cooperation or Competition? Russia as a re-emerging donor

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In PRIF Report No. 123, Evgeniya Bakalova and Hans-Joachim Spanger analyze Russia's development policy

More than 20 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union Russia returns to the stage of international development aid.

In PRIF Report No. 123 "Development Cooperation or Competition? Russia as a re-emerging donor", Evgeniya Bakalova and Hans-Joachim Spanger, in cooperation with Jasmin Melanie Neumann, present a detailed picture of the evolving field of Russian development policy and analyze its cooperative or competitive potential with regard to the Western-dominated international activities.

While Russia’s emerging development cooperation faces multiple dilemmas and currently finds itself at a crossroads, the country’s postulated non-ideological approach might provide fruitful ground for a productive exchange between the ‘traditional’ donor community and the ‘new’ donor.

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