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Desert Locust Bulletin 484 (4 February 2019) [EN/AR/FR]

Situation Report
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General situation during January 2019

Forecast until mid-March 2019

Swarms form in the Central Region

An outbreak continued on the Red Sea coastal plains of Sudan and Eritrea where an increasing number of groups, bands and several swarms formed during January from a second generation of breeding. A few mature swarms appeared on the coast in southeast Egypt and northern Saudi Arabia that probably originated near the Sudan/Eritrea border. Immature swarms invaded farms along western and northern edges of the Empty Quarter in the interior of Saudi Arabia, coming from the southeastern Empty Quarter near the Yemen/Oman border where two generations of breeding occurred after good rain from cyclones Mekunu (May) and Luban (October). A few of these swarms moved to UAE and southern Iran. Aerial operations were mounted in Sudan and Saudi Arabia in addition to ground control in both countries, Eritrea and Egypt treating nearly 55 000 ha during January.