Delivering Better together: Standard Operating Procedures for Oxfam’s Approach to Cash and Voucher Assistance



Cash and voucher assistance (CVA) puts people at the centre of responses and enables Oxfam and other humanitarian actors to think differently and deliver better. CVA is now widely accepted by the humanitarian community as a tool to deliver greater choice, flexibility, and empowerment to those affected by crisis, while strengthening local markets and systems.

This document provides Oxfam, partners, and other teams exploring CVA modalities, with a structured overview and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the design and delivery of CVA. The guidance updates the previous Oxfam Cash and Markets SOPs (2013) and covers key considerations and topics, direction on roles and responsibilities, and steps to be taken to ensure accountable, timely, and quality CVA throughout the project cycle.

Second Edition: July 2022

AUTHORS: Shreeju Shrestha and Kristin Smart