Dealing with land conflicts and improving land governance for peace and stability in Africa at the heart of a high-level dialogue in Abidjan

Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), November 29, 2019 - Friday in Abidjan, the conference on land policy in Africa, a high-level dialogue on ethnicity and land conflicts were held. As part of the 3rd edition of the Conference on Land Policy in Africa, a high-level dialogue on ethnicity and land conflicts was organized this Friday, in Abidjan.

This session was held against the background of intensified land conflicts and natural resources under the pressure of climate change, population growth, food security, migration and rapid urbanization in Africa.

The objective of this high-level dialogue is to advocate and raise awareness on the different aspects of the link between land, ethnicity and conflicts and on the importance of inclusive land governance for peace and stability in Africa.

Mr. Bamba Cheik Daniel, Director General of the Rural Land Agency (AFOR) of Côte d’Ivoire, "As long as there is land conflict, there will be neither peace nor agro-industry. This will create a development problem.

In order to solve the land issues in Africa, says Bamba, "it will take a good mix between administration and traditional chieftaincy."

Mr. Samuel Nguifa, who offers Traditional Chiefs to regain their seats in the resolution of land conflicts, was even echoed by the Secretary General of the Center for Environment and Development in Cameroon. "It is necessary to strengthen the traditional system of resolution of land conflicts and link both, administration and traditional chieftaincy", says Mr. Samuel Nguifa.

For his part, His Royal Highness ADEDAPO of Nigeria believes that "to resolve land conflicts, it must be referred to traditional bodies because we are closer to the people."

"We cannot solve land conflicts without traditional institutions and women are the best able to do," concludes His Royal Highness ADEDAPO.

"If we do not solve the problem of land in Africa, we will not have solutions to conflict issues", said UN-Habitat Coordinator for urban legislation, Mr. Oumar Sylla.

For that, he proposes that the question of land is taken into account in all the programming of the institutions. "We have to make sure that land is taken care of when it comes to issues of peace agreement," said Oumar Sylla.