Data & Guides: Who’s who in humanitarian financing?

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Many people are involved in financing, coordinating, delivering and reporting on the response to humanitarian crises, inside and outside the official system of UN agencies and international government donors. Navigating the system can be quite bewildering! We’re putting together a rough guide, based on our own mapping work – starting with a few bits of information about the main players on this illustrative ‘tube map’. A few words of explanation appear when you hover your mouse over the ‘stations’ or ‘stops’.

We’re eventually hoping to map out how these players interconnect and how the information, financing and other resources flow through both the formal and informal system.

If you can’t find yourself in one or more place on this guide, have something to contribute, or can help us ‘map’ … please shout!

You can download the content of the infographic in PDF format and re-use the infographic which was designed in collaboration with Hype & Slippers We’d be grateful for a mention should you re-use this information (Source: Development Initiatives)