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Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 62 – July 2021



In East Africa, planting of main season cereals is underway in the north while crops are in ripening through harvest stage in the south, and overall conditions are mixed due to persistent dryness. In Ethiopia, Belg (Short Rains) cereals are unlikely to recover from delayed onset and below-average rainfall.
In West Africa, planting and development of main season cereals continued under favourable conditions with concern in regions affected by dry conditions and conflict. In the Middle East and North Africa, harvesting of wheat crops is wrapping up with well below-average yields expected in parts of northern Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, and Syria, and below-average yields possible in parts of Iran due to persistent dry conditions. In Southern Africa, harvesting of main season cereals finalized last month with favourable and exceptional end of season conditions except in areas where significant drought and high temperatures impacted yields. Planting of winter wheat crops continued under favourable conditions. In Central and South Asia, harvesting of winter wheat crops continued under mixed conditions due to persistent dryness in some areas. There is also concern for spring wheat crops in Kazakhstan and Afghanistan due to dry conditions. In northern Southeast Asia, harvesting of dry-season rice finalized under generally favourable conditions. Planting and development of wet-season rice is underway with some concern in parts of the Philippines impacted by Typhoon Dante. In Indonesia, harvesting of wet-season rice is nearing completion with good yields expected in most regions. In Central America and the Caribbean, planting and development of Primera season maize and bean crops continued in Central America while harvesting of main season cereals is underway in the Caribbean, and overall conditions are favourable.