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CrisisInSight Humanitarian Access Overview (July 2022)



ACAPS’ Humanitarian Access Overview provides an analysis of the state of humanitarian access globally over the past six months.

ACAPS’ analysts considered nine variables (under three pillars or dimensions) to compare humanitarian access constraints across 82 countries with active humanitarian crises.
In this report, there is an analytical narrative per pillar, with an explanation of what type of humanitarian access constraints and indicators fall under each pillar. The narratives include concrete examples of how these constraints apply in different humanitarian contexts, pointing out similarities and differences in the humanitarian access situation across the crises monitored by ACAPS.
The report presents countries and crises as cases whenever applicable to a given access constraint, explaining the nature of the constraint in specific contexts. The cases in this report were chosen based on three main criteria: i) the most affected crises under each access pillar,

ii) crises or contexts for which ACAPS has reliable or more regular data on a specific access constraint, and iii) diversified examples showing how different (or similar) access constraints can be found across diverse contexts. The published dataset offers more detailed information on the overall humanitarian situation at the country and crisis levels.
The report also includes scoreboards for all assessed countries (see page 7).