COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery: Applying IRP Disaster Recovery Tools and Guidelines to Pandemic Recovery

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Building back better in the recovery from this global pandemic is absolutely necessary to build more resilient societies from health disasters including pandemic and epidemic. This toolkit is a compendium of existing guidelines and tools to support countries and communities when they are ready to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. It supports recovering communities to "build back better" build more resilient health systems, economies, and more just societies.

This Compendium of Tools and Guidelines consists of the following four categories.

  1. Health Sector Recovery (p. 2);
  2. Private Sector and Livelihood Recovery (p. 4);
  3. Inclusive Recovery (p. 8);
  4. Disaster Recovery Governance (p. 9).

This toolkit was produced by the International Recovery Platform (IRP), a global partnership working to strengthen knowledge, and share experiences and lessons on building back better in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. IRP is a joint initiative of United Nations organizations, international financial institutions, national and local governments, and non-governmental organizations engaged in disaster recovery, and seeking to transform disasters into opportunities for sustainable development.