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The Centralized Evaluation Quality Assurance System (CEQAS) is one of the building blocks for implementation of the WFP Evaluation Policy (2016-2021). As such, it is the WFP Office of Evaluation’s primary means of safeguarding the international evaluation principles of:

  • Independence: by setting standards that increase the impartiality in the evaluation process and the reporting on findings

  • Credibility: by setting standards that ensure evaluations are evidence-based and follow transparent and systematic processes

  • Utility: by building milestones into evaluation processes for timeliness and reporting standards to ensure accessibility.

The CEQAS guides all evaluations undertaken by the WFP Office of Evaluation and its consultants.

The CEQAS is a comprehensive system covering all types of evaluations: strategic, policy, country strategic plan, and synthesis.

The CEQAS is a working tool for WFP evaluation staff and its consultants covering all stages of the evaluation cycle. It is not a comprehensive handbook on evaluation and does not replace the rich range of evaluation literature.

The CEQAS builds on the norms and standards of the United Nations Evaluation Group, the OECD-DAC Evaluation Network, related tools from the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP), and the wider evaluation literature and community of practice.

The CEQAS pack for each evaluation type consists of:

I. Guidance for process and content

II. Template for ToR

III. Quality checklist for ToR

IV. Internal reference group ToR

V. Template for inception report

VI. Quality checklist for inception report

VII. Template for evaluation report

VIII. Quality checklist for evaluation report

IX. Template for summary evaluation report

X. Quality checklist for summary evaluation report

XI. Communication and knowledge management plan

Initiated in 2007, the evaluation quality assurance system (EQAS) is subject to periodic and systematic update in line with the Office of Evaluation’s evolving needs and international best practice. CEQAS was comprehensively reviewed and updated in 2013. In 2017, the guidance was further updated to strengthen the integration of gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEEW) and to take account of the start of implementation of the “Integrated Road Map”. In 2019, further revision was made to CEQAS for country portfolio evaluations to transform them into country strategic plan evaluations (CSPEs). Further updates and new materials will continue to be added as needed, to ensure EQAS continues to reflect emergent best practice and management requirements.

Andrea Cook, Director of Evaluation, June 2020