Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (24 August 2021)


Edition 54, published 24August 2021

Global overview

Data as of 22 August 2021 With over 4.5 million new cases reported this week (16-22 August), the number of new cases reported globally seems to be stable after increasing for nearly two months (since mid-June) (Figure 1). The Regions of Western Pacific and Americas continue to report increases in new cases, with increases of 20% and 8% respectively as compared to last week. The South-East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean regions reported decreases in weekly incidence of 16% and 10% respectively. The European and African Regions reported case incidence ratessimilar to those reported last week.

The number of deaths reported globally this week remains similar to last week, with over 68 000 new deaths reported. Two Regions including Europe and Americas reported increases in new deaths of 11% and 10% respectively. The African and South-East Asia Regions reported decreases in new deaths of 11% and 10% respectively, whereas the numbers of deaths reported in the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Pacific Regions were similar to the numbers reported last week. The cumulative number of cases reported globally is now over 211 million and the cumulative number of deaths is just over 4.4 million