Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (18 May 2021)

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Data as received by WHO from national authorities, as of 16 May 2021, 10 am CET

Global overview

Globally, in the past week, the number of new cases and deaths continued to decrease with just over 4.8 million new cases and just under 86 000 new deaths reported; a 12% and 5% decrease respectively compared to the previous week (Figure 1). Despite a declining trend over the past three weeks, the incidence of cases remains at some of the highest levels since the start of the pandemic. All regions reported a decline in new cases this week apart from the Western Pacific Region, where the incidence of new cases was similar to the previous week (Table 1). The European Region reported the largest decline in new cases this week, followed by the Eastern Mediterranean. These regions also reported the largest decline in new deaths over the past week. South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions reported a similar number of new deaths as the previous week.

The highest numbers of new cases were reported from India (2 387 663 new cases; 13% decrease), Brazil (437 076 new cases; 3% increase), the United States of America (235 638 new cases; 21% decrease), Argentina (151 332 new cases; 8% increase), and Colombia (115 834 new cases; 6% increase).