Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (14 December 2021)


Global overview

Data as of 12 December 2021

Globally, the weekly incidence of both cases and deaths declined during the past week (6-12 December 2021), with decreases of 5% and 10% respectively, as compared to the previous week. Nonetheless, this still corresponded to over 4 million new confirmed cases and just under 47 000 new deaths. As of 12 December, nearly 269 million confirmed cases and nearly 5.3 million deaths have been reported globally.

The African Region reported the largest increase in new cases last week (111%) followed by and the Western Pacific Region which reported an increase of 7%. The Region of the Americas and South-East Asia Region both reported decreases of 10% and the European Region reported a 7% decrease. The number of new weekly cases reported by the Eastern Mediterranean Region was similar to the numbers reported in the previous week. New weekly deaths decreased by 50% in the South-East Asia Region (due to an artificial increase in deaths from batch reporting in the previous week) and 14% in the Region of the Americas, while the number of weekly deaths in all other regions remained similar to those reported in the previous week.