Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (13 April 2021)

Situation Report
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Global overview

Globally, new COVID-19 cases rose for a seventh consecutive week, with over 4.5 million new cases reported in the last week (Figure 1). The number of new deaths increased for the fourth consecutive week, increasing by 7% compared to last week, with over 76 000 new deaths reported. The largest increases in case incidence were observed in the South-East Asia (most notably in India) and the Eastern Mediterranean regions (Table 1). All regions, except for the African Region and the Americas, reported increases in the number of deaths, with the largest increase of 189% from the Western Pacific Region (largely driven by a steep increase in new deaths in the Philippines) followed by 47% in South-East Asia.

The highest numbers of new cases were reported from India (873 296 new cases; 70% increase), the United States of America (468 395 new cases; 5% increase), Brazil (463 092 new cases; 8% decrease), Turkey (353 281 new cases; 33% increase), and France (265 444 new cases; 9% increase).