Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (04 October 2020)

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Data as received by WHO from national authorities, as of 04 October 2020, 10 am CEST

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Global epidemiological situation

The number of new cases per week has remained stable at 2 million for the past three weeks (Figure 1), with the cumulative total of over 34.8 million cases. Over 1 million deaths have now been reported globally, of which the majority were reported in the Region of the Americas (55%), followed by Europe (23%). In the past week, the regions of the Americas, South-East Asia, and Europe account for 91% of new cases. Five countries (namely India, the United States of America, Brazil, Argentina and France) reported 60% of new global cases this past week, while Israel registered the highest incidence (3717 new cases per 1 million population). Globally, the highest percentage of cases have been reported in the 25-39 age group, with approximately 50% of cases in the 25-64 age group. However, the percentage of deaths increases with age, and approximately 75% of deaths are in those aged 65 years and above.

Although globally the number of new cases was similar to the number of cases in the previous week, there is considerable variation on a country- by-country basis. In several countries, the number of new cases is rising again, and in many (most notably within the European Region) the second wave is exceeding previous peaks; this can be partly attributed to enhancements in surveillance capacities over time. In other countries we have seen a gradual decline in new cases from earlier peaks in August, for example in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. In India and the Philippines, the number of new cases appear to have stabilized, but they are still reporting high numbers. There are also examples of countries that have consistently shown an increasing incidence as their first wave continues; these include Indonesia, Iraq, and Myanmar, although Indonesia is reporting a slight drop this week. South Africa and Australia are examples of countries that have successfully managed to reduce the number of new cases and have seen large reductions from earlier peaks.