Contributing to global stability and peace: Council adopts improvements to the EU's assistance instrument

Press release 752/17

On 7 December, the Council adopted a regulation improving the EU’s instrument for contributing to stability and peace (IcSP).

This measure forms part of an EU-wide strategic framework to support security sector reform. It aligns the objectives of the instrument with the commitments made by the EU towards the UN sustainable development goals and the recently agreed new European consensus on development.

The revised instrument introduces the possibility for the EU to finance measures in support of capacity building for security and development (CBSD) of military actors in partner countries, with the objective of contributing to sustainable development and in particular the achievement of peaceful and inclusive societies.

The regulation will be officially signed in Strasbourg on 12 December. It will be published on 15 December and will enter into force on 16 December.

The IcSP was first set up in 2014 as part of the EU's new generation of instruments for financing external action. It is one of the main tools to help prevent and respond to crises in third countries as part of ensuring a secure and stable environment.

Under the new rules agreed today, the EU will be able to assist the security sector and, in exceptional circumstances, support the military in various ways, including through:

  • financial support to enhance the competence of the military to carry out development and human security-related tasks such as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure, mine clearing and civil protection tasks;

  • supply of equipment and infrastructure for the military in the areas of IT, transport, communication, water infrastructure and sanitation;

  • training, mentoring and advice.

The regulation does not allow EU assistance to be used to finance recurrent military expenditure, the provision of arms and ammunition or lethal equipment or combat training.

The new measures will be allocated €100 million for the period 2018-2020.