Contingency Planning Guidelines

Manual and Guideline
Originally published


These guidelines provide a management and planning tool for World Food Programme staff and others involved in the management of humanitarian assistance programmes in both natural disaster-prone environments and complex emergencies. They are divided into three main parts:

Part I: Defines the aims of contingency planning, the relationship with other WFP planning and programming processes, and the specific respon-sibilities of country offices and regional bureaux and of Headquarters.

Part II: Explains the process - how to go about contingency planning - at the country and regional levels.

PART III: Provides reference and tools, including a template for a contingency plan and guidelines on what to include and what to draw on.

Resulting from the work by the Office of Humanitarian Affairs and the WFP Contingency Planning Working Group, the Guidelines were developed through a process of extensive in-house consultation and represent a distillation of best practice and hard-earned field-based lessons and experiences from recent emergencies.