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Concern welcomes Irish Aid funding

Concern Worldwide has warmly welcomed today’s announcement by Irish Aid that it will provide €27 million to fund its development and humanitarian work in 2021.

“Our teams are on the ground working with communities, often in very difficult and insecure circumstances in 24 of the world’s poorest countries” Mr MacSorley said. “This work is only possible because of the continued financial support we receive from partners such as Irish Aid.

“Irish aid is outstanding among donors and was recognised again this year by the Overseas Development Institute as the number one donor in delivering principled, effective aid where the needs are greatest.

“In the last year, support from Irish Aid has helped Concern to respond rapidly to emergencies such as the devastating fire in Cox’s Bazaar displacement camp, to delivering sustainable solutions in countries with protracted crises, and to scale up COVID prevention across the 24 countries Concern is working in.“


The funding comes at a time of intensified global challenges. Conflict and climate change have been driving up the number of people facing food insecurity in recent years. The economic impact of the COVID pandemic has added to this crisis in the last 12 months.

UN agencies are now warning of sharp rises in hunger across Africa, much of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr MacSorley noted. In particular, South Sudan, Yemen, Burkina Faso and northern Nigeria are facing pre-famine levels of hunger.

“In a time of great global uncertainty, with rapidly rising levels of hunger and humanitarian need, the partnership with Irish Aid and the generous support of the public provides confidence for Concern and all of the other programme partner organisations, to respond to the challenges in the world’s poorest and most insecure contexts,” Mr MacSorley said.

Details of the Irish Aid funding announcement are available here

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