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From Combatants to Peacebuilders - A case for inclusive, participatory and holistic security transitions

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We are happy to announce the release of the policy report “From Combatants to Peacebuilders: A case for inclusive, participatory and holistic security transitions”. Authored by staff members Véronique Dudouet, Hans J. Giessmann and Katrin Planta, it presents key lessons learnt and policy recommendations based on findings from the participatory research project “Non-state armed groups and security transition processes” (2009-2012).

The purpose of this project was to identify the conditions under which armed resistance/liberation movements (RLMs) generate and maintain the political will to restore the state’s monopoly over the use of force and participate in post-war governance. It does so by investigating the timing, sequencing and components of post-war security and political transitions, from the perspective and self-analysis of conflict stakeholders who have made the shift from state challengers to peace- and state-building agents in South Africa, Colombia, El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Burundi, Southern Sudan, Nepal and Aceh. The empirical findings are indeed based on thematic case studies written by local teams made up of researchers and former combatants.

This report is complemented by a more comprehensive volume edited by the same authors and published by Routledge, to be released later this month.