Christian Aid Statement to the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting 2021

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  1. Christian Aid thanks the Facilitation Group for their heroic efforts to digest the voluminous feedback received on the initial proposals, and sterling work to take account of this in the latest version of GB2.0. Well done Cathy, Gareth, Gerard, Gian, Marie-Helene, Petra, Sam and Tamara. Christian Aid commits to work with others to accelerate progress particularly on the localisation and participation elements of GB2.0.

  2. Christian Aid welcomes the ODI report’s highlighting of the survivor-and-community- led response approaches of Local to Global Protection and others. We strongly recommend other signatories investigate the scope for investing in similar approaches as a means of taking the participation revolution agenda to the next level; bringing together the cash, localisation, nexus and participation agendas; and giving more emphasis to the agency and empowerment of affected populations.

  3. The Grand Bargain comprises a lot of welcome and progressive rhetoric in Geneva which does not always translate into concrete action at country-level. We welcome the efforts of GB2.0 to tackle this. Good intentions in Geneva have not always been owned by signatory country directors. Let us all to work harder to ensure stronger buy-in and delivery of our Grand Bargain commitments by our country leadership.

  4. The pilot country-level dialogues of the localisation workstream constitute an important model for shifting the centre of gravity from Geneva to the field. Let us consider the scope for replicating them as a whole-of-Grand-Bargain approach, and let us reflect on the lessons that will emerge from them.

  5. Care should be taken to avoid the proposal for caucuses meaning that big powers form small self-appointed groups behind closed doors to determine solutions and that local actors find themselves outside the tent.

  6. The 25% target to local actors is a flagship achievement of the Grand Bargain which has been a critical peg on which to build localisation advocacy. We hope it is not lost in the new log-frame of GB2.0.

  7. Christian Aid endorses Charter for Change’s analysis of progress to date on the localisation agenda, and supports C4C’s recommendations that donors should use strong incentives to encourage funding partners to deliver on localisation commitments; that we go further on cascading quality funding and indirect costs from intermediaries to front-line local responders; and that we upgrade our capacity to measure funding to local actors, to capacity-strengthening and to women-led organisations. and-recommendations-for-the-gb-annual-meeting-2021.pdf

  8. The Grand Bargain contains important technocratic reforms to improve the services we deliver to people in crisis. Christian Aid hopes our emphasis on these technocratic reforms does not divert us from also continuing to be outraged about and press for action to combat the terrible violations of International Humanitarian Law that too many people in crisis continue to suffer too often.