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CERF Quarterly Update - April – June 2014

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Bringing CERF’s total allocations for 2014 to US$204.3 million*, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) allocated $103.6 million from CERF to support aid agencies responding to crises in 22 countries during the second quarter of 2014.

Some $50.6 million from CERF’s rapid response window kick-started critical relief operations in emergencies ranging from refugee crises neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan to floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Solomon Islands. CERF funding also supported efforts to respond to the spread of deadly diseases, including Ebola in West Africa and measles in South Sudan.

Of the $95.5 million that was set aside in the first quarter of 2014 to sustain emergency aid operations in 11 underfunded crises, the remaining $53 million in projects were approved in the second quarter.

The donor community’s continued generosity and trust in CERF was evident throughout the second quarter allowing the ERC to respond to these crises with timely allocations. By the close of the second quarter of 2014, donors had contributed $296.1 million to CERF for 2014, bringing total contributions to over 68 per cent of total pledges for the year.

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