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CERF Quarterly Update 1st Quarter 2012

News and Press Release
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Pledges and Contributions for 2012

CERF is off to a strong start in 2012. As of mid-April, CERF has received US$381 million in pledges; $340 million has been received for 2012. During the annual CERF High-level Pledging Conference held in December 2011, 45 UN Member States, Observer States and a regional government pledged a total of $375 million to the Fund. CERF is now supported by 126 of 193 UN Member States and Observer States.

Reduction of CERF’s Loan Window

Over the years, CERF’s loan facility had fallen into relative disuse and the balance of the loan window ballooned to $76 million due to accumulated interest. Based on CERF Advisory Group and Five-year Evaluation recommendations, the CERF loan element was reduced to $30 million by General Assembly Resolution A/66/L.28 in December 2011. Slightly more than $46 million in funds were transferred to the grant element.

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