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CashCap in a Meaningful Dialogue with Communities - Proof of Concept. May, 2020

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How can CashCap be more engaged with, and more accountable to, the communities it serves?


Aligning initiatives to operationalize community engagement and accountability in Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) and market-based programming (MBP) with wider CwC/CEA strategies in Country can amplify efforts and build wider buy-in Identify, map and engage with CwC, C4D, CEA or AAP coordination fora, independent organizations, collective initiatives, and Experts to:

· Increase efforts to shift the current way of working into one that is more effective and practical for working in partnership with communities.

· Support the setup of inter-agency, collective and independent accountability mechanisms that allows cash recipients and communities to provide feedback on cash and voucher assistance and participate in decision-making.

· Enable the systematic collection and analysis of evidence about the impact of stronger engagement with communities and accountability on program and operational quality in CVA.

· Advocate for the importance of community engagement, involvement and accountability at all stages of the project cycle in cash and voucher responses and market-based programming.

· Strengthen the knowledge and skills of CWG partners on communication and community engagement in a commitment to enhancing program quality, appropriateness and accountability in Cash and Voucher Assistance.


CashCap will work towards improving the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of CVA, and accountability of aid provision, through an increased role of CashCap Experts in promoting meaningful two-way communication, engaging directly with communities and partners, and being accountable to them.

ACTION #1: Strengthen understanding of and capacity to implement community engagement and accountability across CashCap experts

ACTION #2: Integrate community engagement and accountability into CashCap´s ways of working so it becomes a standard approach for all Experts

ACTION #3: Build evidence about the impact of stronger engagement with communities on CVA program and operational quality and document lessons learned to enhance the Cash Community's understanding and ownership of community engagement and accountability

ACTION #4: Increase organizational support and resourcing to institutionalize and implement community engagement and accountability in CVA

ACTION #5: Promote a culture of meaningful participation and accountability internally among CashCap Experts and externally with communities and partners.