Cash for Work (CFW) Guidance Note

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1. Definition

Cash for Work interventions provide employment to unskilled and semi-skilled workers on labour intensive projects such as rehabilitation of irrigation systems, soil conservation, and road construction and maintenance.

2. Cash for Work objective

In most cases, CFW projects often has dual objectives:

• Provide income support to poor, vulnerable men and women through short term, intensive and unskilled so they can meet their essential needs

• Build or rehabilitate public/community assets and infrastructure that are vital for sustaining the livelihoods of a community and restoring agricultural activities

Cash for Work programmes can address basic needs, prevent negative coping mechanisms, while building or rehabilitating productive assets, reduce the impact of natural hazards and promote climate change adaptation and mitigation, enhance livelihoods resilience to shocks and crises and thus help to address food security in the medium and long term. CFW can be linked to existing Social Safety Net programmes